AboutEnglish Padam

English Padam - The Comedy-Thriller movie by Kumaresh Kumar is going to hit your eyes on November 10-2016. Highly Technical and Passionate crew worked in English Padam to go beyond the expectations of the audience.

English Padam has the essence of Comedy,Thriller,Fiction,Humour,Adventure created with great technicians and perfect fitting casts.Kumaresh Kumar managed the team with his skills and ideas. The Slogan "Obey The Rules,You Miss the Fun" gives a perfect meaning that if we obey with the rules we will miss the fun. It runs for 130 min/ 02 Hours 10 Min. With the cast of Ramkrishnan (Ramki), Sanjeev, Sreeja, Meenakshi, Kumaresan and others... English Padam is came up with best features and really entertaining the audience.

We Will Hit You On 25 th DEC-2015

Make Yourself Ready to Break the Expectation....!